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We love making our beautiful garments and their packaging with honesty, integrity and kindness to all and especially our sacred Mother Earth. We see dressing at each and every stage as a sacred blessing to all.

bless me with my dress

Dressing as a blessing

At Fumée we believe in the highest and purest form of dressing. We serve the body and spirit by creating ethical pieces made of natural fibers that look gorgeous & feel incredible.

We bless each and every garment with intention so it becomes the talisman of our mission statement to support your highest good. 

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Meet the Founder

Loving spiritual rituals started from a young age. At 10 years old I was already taking baths with rose petals by candle light while sipping tea.

I've had wonderful women in my life who've lived in their creative power, teaching me to follow my passion by backing it up with a strong work ethic.

It brought me to succes in my career of art directing and styling campaigns for global luxury brands - and when the pandemic hit I was ready to manifest my personal creative vision to completion.

Going slow and deep, I nourished my soul with ritual and community while I built the dress company I’d been manifesting in my heart and mind for years.

I've learned to trust who I am and act in integrity with myself and others. It's been an empowering and challenging spiritual journey.

Now I can celebrate the cycle of creation and rest, my love for connection and ritual, and use it as a foundation of dressing to: Look Good. Do Good. Feel good.

"The more you value yourself, the more you give others"

I deserve it all

Get Silky this Season

Silk is the one fabric that creates an awareness of sensation on the body that can only be described as silky, like skin on skin.

We call anything that gives us that feeling: silky.

The way you feel during a bath with candles ? Silky. When you and your man have eye contact and hold it ? Definitely silky! 

When a little one falls asleep in your arms? More silky. 

We love this fabric so much because when your outside experience makes your insides go: "Mmmmm…" 

we want more of that! 

✤ ✤ ✤


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