Alone but Happy

Alone but Happy

There is nothing better than some self love honey. I keep coming back to some of my favorites ways to love, honor & show pleasure for myself. 

Doin good for yourself makes you feel incredibly good after. In that way you can show up to the world with a full heart and share that love with others. 

Ways I show my self some good old loving:

  • An easy one: I draw myself a bath, add some epsom salt, some fresh rose petals from those sad roses I bought last week, light candles all around and I play jazz music. I set up a whole sensual mood. Just for me to enjoy. You can find my playlists here
  • A deep one: I love manifesting. The art of setting intentions & writing down my deepest wishes. It fills my heart, it makes me show up for myself to reach those goals & it leaves me to dream big. Like to try it ? Join me for monthly manifesting together in Club Fumée Privé
  • A silky one: Dressing myself has always been a way of showing love for myself. Buying something that gives me butterflies, yes the same ones you get from a partner but these just last longer because they fly around every time that gorgeous silk touches my skin. You can find my new favorite dress here

Self love is the love that lasts baby. It’s the one that matters above all else. It’s the one thing you can create for yourself and practice everyday. 

Happy Valentine’s Day from me to you!




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