Dealing with delicates

Dealing with delicates

Silk is a little harder to care for than synthetic imitations, but it looks gorgeous and feels amazing. 


Travel: When you go on a trip make sure to pack your silk pieces in a separate clothing bag. It can be packed with all your possessions in your big suitcase but now it has a protective layer. Making it harder for items like heels or scratchy sequins to damage the fabric.

Fresh-up: When it's not quite time for the dry cleaner yet but your dress could use a little refresh, just hang it near an open window ( not on a rainy day ) air the dress out for a few hours. Let the breeze fresh your silk baby up & you are ready to wear again. 

Wash: We suggest you leave your special silky possessions in the safest hands of your local experts in dry cleaning. Because these pieces require extra care and attention. 

In that way it will be returned to you in the most perfect condition which leaves you to make many more memories while wearing your silky smooth garment. 


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