Get Silky this season

Get Silky this season

Loving silk but liking that you can wash polyester ? Here are some of the differences between the two:

Whereas silk satin is soft, polyester satin is slippery. If your skin is rough, silk satin will glide against it like butter; polyester satin will catch. 

Equally, while silk “breaths” (and let’s you do the same), polyester doesn’t. 

If you’ve ever worn a silk dress on a hot summer’s day, you’ll remember that gorgeously cool feeling of the silk against your skin. It’s rare that you find anything that functions as well as it looks, but silk is a delightful exception.

When you wear a synthetic dress, expect to feel hot, sticky, and more than a little uncomfortable.

The natural fibers that go into silk give it an amazing ability to regulate temperature, dispersing excess heat when temperatures start to rise and keeping it in when they start to drop. 

Ain’t that some magic right ?


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